Yeald Strategy

"We are not in the business of entertaining daydreams that will never come to pass. We are here to accelerate business, utilize entrepreneurial potential and make it grow.”

What are the relevant trends in your segment of the industry? What is your dot on the horizon? Which markets will you serve and – equally important – which will you not serve? What workforce do you need to successfully deliver your strategy? How do you see your own role as an entrepreneur in the future? Within horti business, it is also necessary to make the right choices and stay on track. A winning strategy is first of all a 100% implemented strategy. Whether or not it is 100% right on paper is less important.

Yeald is a specialist in strategizing for horti business. Formulating goals and ambitions that have true horti merit. Set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended results, assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment. By doing so, Yeald is able to align business with ambition, maximize acceleration and utilize entrepreneurial potential in order to grow a profitable and sustainable business.

Robin Berendse

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Yeald M&A

"A company has to be set up in such a way that it can be sold at any time.”

M&A in horti business is complex. Managing a transaction is not just about money, it more often is about legacy. It is about going on a journey together, not just about buying or selling.
Mergers are a delicate and extensive journey in which companies are brought together and guided towards finding the optimal coalescence. Seamlessly fitting people, cultures, ideas and ambitions together. This journey does not end with the merger agreement, but also includes the hard integration work that follows.
Acquisitions have a whole other dynamic. From preparing for an optimal sale or acquisition and maximization of value to finding the perfect acquisition candidate that fits the underlying culture. Walking the fine line between maximizing enterprise value and finding the right fit is what brings true value.

Yeald recognizes this like no other and believes in a decisive and practical approach. Forward thinking, innovative and creative. Interweaved with solid sector knowledge and an extensive national and international network. Building brighter futures based on synergy, complementarity and true value but with a tailored individual approach rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Making it possible for all parties involved to excel and accelerate.

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Roger Gerritzen

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Yeald Finance

“Good financing is just like a tailor-made suit. It is about the perfect fit. Only then will you be able to realize your company’s true potential.”

The financial landscape is changing due to pressure from international regulations. Cooperation between funding institutions and other platforms is imperative within a capital-intensive sector like horti business. Making venture capital, participation and club deals the rule rather than the exception.

Through our experience Yeald is well acquainted with these players and their preferences. This ensures companies and capital are brought together based on more than bottom line. Through a solid approach, plans are drawn up, detailed out and tested for feasibility. Only when the client and Yeald are 100% convinced of the success-rate and right fit, will these plans be plotted within Yeald’s network of stakeholders. Making it a highly relationship-based journey, offering value beyond profit alone.

Robin Berendse

+31 6 24 20 10 10

Yeald Real Estate

“Entrepreneurship is about realizing real estate solutions for tomorrow, not only for today.”

Real Estate in hortibusiness is a specialist affair. To some it might even feel like looking for that one needle in a haystack. But not to Yeald. With an extensive network, relationship-based approach and proven track record, Yeald operates off the beaten track. Above or below the radar. Always advocating a straightforward way of working and a creative approach. Proactively in search for the ultimate solutions that bring parties together.

By doing so, Yeald, seamlessly minimizes disruption, keeping our clients focused on their business and making these already high-impact events as simple and profitable as possible.

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Arthur Vijverberg

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Yeald Leadership

“Leadership is not about forcing your will on others. It’s about mastering the art of letting go.“

The need for a more professional management approach in horti is increasing significantly. From ill-alignment of boards of directors to over-operationalization and few or no guiding principles: hortibusiness leadership demands more.
Yeald has gained meaningful insights and knowledge of transformational leadership. In order to stay on top, an external view and hands-on guidance from experienced boardroom coaches offer a solution to give new leadership true meaning.

Making the leap forward from operational management to growth-led business management. Enabling management to determine which drivers drive business and which tools are necessary to strengthen management. By doing so, shifting the needle and revealing true potential within the organization, empowering business leaders to focus on facts rather than emotion.

Hans van Voorbergen

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Yeald International

“Sharing knowledge In horti business has no boundaries.”

Driven by megatrends such as the increasing importance of sustainability, the dominance of retail in your value chain, the need for local-for-local production, the increasing population, the need for food and increasing prosperity in parts of the world, the world is changing at an exceptional pace. This is driving the need for consolidation and globalization to survive and win. This shapes the future of horticulture.

Increased international collaborations, participations and mergers & acquisitions between companies located in other countries and continents will be needed to be successful.

Yeald is the linking pin with a proven track record in international expansion. Well-connected internationally and understanding the need of cultural awareness in order to be successful in such a process. Not only in making the right step with the right party but also in the crucial next phase of cooperation and integration. Enabling companies to lead in globalization.

Rob van Leeuwen

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