02. Introduction to Yeald

With proven track record through deep knowledge and network in horti business.

Yeald has a rich history and track record in horti business. Serving as a trusted advisor with a fresh perspective, clear vision and unrivalled experience and knowledge. This makes Yeald one of the leading experts when it comes to developing entrepreneurship and realizing growth in hortibusiness.

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03. Introduction to Yeald

Designed to unleash the full potential of horti business.

It is our firm belief that in order to be the trusted advisor in horti business we need to have a deep understanding of the complexity of the sector, the ability to speak the language of horti entrepreneurs, and we need to truly understand how our clients do business. We pride ourselves in having this broad scope and deep understanding of horti business and entrepreneurship, enabling us to be the multidisciplinary expert in horti business growth and success.

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04. Introduction to Yeald

Full-service firm to support the horti game changers from A↓Z.

Yeald is the full-service agency for game changers in horti business. With a unique relationship and network-based approach – connecting people as well as business – Yeald is fully equipped to realize sustainable growth in horti business.

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05. Introduction to Yeald

Discover the services we provide.

Yeald acts as a sparring partner for horti businesses; both in conceiving ideas and in putting them into practice. By doing so, Yeald is able to switch quickly from strategic choices and leadership development to mergers & acquisitions, funding solutions and property matters. That is another reason why Yeald is a seasoned sparring partner for horti entrepreneurs and for other key players such as investors, bankers, accountants, civil-law notaries and legal advisors. Given its international experience and wide network we do this on a global scale in all continents.